It's time to invest

buy Lyrica online in uk Tarook’s mission is to make investing simple. For buy neurontin gabapentin everyone.

visit site We will achieve this by launching four funds in Australia. Though we’re not quite ready for launch yet, you were directed here as your opinion matters.

Our guiding principles

Time is everything

free straight dating sites Your age is the best determinant of your risk profile which dictates what your asset allocation should be. It doesn't make sense to ask someone to self select whether they are a conservative or high-growth investor, nor does it make sense to ask people to fill in surveys that they don't really understand. Instead, by asking people a question they understand, a portfolio of assets can be created that satiates the clients best interest.


If you don't spend time educating yourself on how capital markets operate, how can you make the best decision? If you trust someone else to make that decision, how do you know they're acting in your best interest? Tarook will introduce lifecycle products that are self selecting, changing the first question we ask from "what is your risk tolerance?" to "how old are you?".


The surest way to lose out when investing is to pay high fees for underperforming investments. We will always strive to be the lowest cost product of our kind, whilst giving access to the markets efficiently.

Keep it simple!

Keeping it simple means many different things to different people. To us, it's instant access to information, full transparency into fees and the investments, a minimum of paperwork, and no terms that will send you to google to search what it means!

Tarook is the newest Australian Funds Management company built with the understanding that investing in Australia is not quite good enough for most Australians. We’re currently looking for funding to launch these innovative products, so if you’d like to know more or stay in the loop, please get in touch.

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